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  "The winemaker at Shallon Winery is Paul van der Veldt. He is also the owner and the host. It is he that most times would greet you, show you the winery, serve you tastes of the current wines, interrogate you as to your occupations, discuss dining at length within a fifty mile radius, and possibly offend you if your questions or comments provoke a curmudgeonly philosophical response.

Paul tried to accumulate a good joke to fit every occupation of guests, but gave up on that. For example, attorney jokes are terrible, and policemen have little humor. the only joke he uses anymore is one for social workers.

As with many winemakers, Paul started out as an amateur some forty years ago, and has been a commercial winemaker for over 30 years. He has a really varied background, but since he finds that most winemakers are somewhat egocentric, he feels no need to further reinforce that image by boring you with any of those details. However, if you want to see a flattering picture of him, here is one. (It should be good, it's three hours in front of two professional photographers for Pacific Northwest magazine back a few years!)


Shallon Wine Maker
Video on You Tube

What do AIRSHIPS have to do with WINE or CHOCOLATE WINE? Nothing!

It is just that lighter-than-air has been an all consuming interest of the winemaker since his once-in-a-lifetime experience as a child - of viewing the airship, Akron, above the Columbia River in front of Astoria, May, 1932, - the 800 foot silver craft propelled by the "rolling hum" of the eight powerful engines. Such a sight would be awe inspiring today!

Paul pursued aeronautical engineering at CalPoly, but never got into the lighter-than-air field. He has had to be satisfied with an extensive collection of ballooniana. However, one of the "trompe l'oeil" windows in the winery has the Akron in it. Here is that wall if you would like to see it. Paul hopes to ride in an airship someday before he or they are gone.

Wall Picture

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