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 Cran du Lait

A semi-dry cranberry wine noted for being “smooth.” (Incongruously heavy bodied for a rose’ colored wine.) Over 60,000 people have tasted this wine, and hardly a couple dozen have disliked it, and they were tasters who were allergic to milk or were lactose intolerant.

This cranberry wine is the first good tasting commercially made whey wine in the world, and I think I still am the only winery in the world that makes whey wine. This should be good for you; it has all the vitamins and minerals that milk has. (If you are allergic to milk products, you will be allergic to this wine.) Have been making the assertion that whey is the most nutritious thing in the world per unit. Perhaps?

Cranberry Wine

By US regulations, you can’t really make cranberry wine. You would have to add a lot of water, and the government would not let us do that, so any “cranberry wines” are usually apple or grape wines with cranberry flavor in them. In the Cran du Lait, whey takes the place of the necessary water. It is not cranberry wine diluted with whey, nor is it whey wine flavored with cranberry; it is cranberry-and-whey wine.

Very popular at family dinners such as Christmas and New Years. Very nice with a little splash of champagne or diet 7-up added to the glass. After opening, it can remain in the refrigerator for two to three weeks without much change of flavor. When it finally oxidizes, it has a slight metallic flavor you might not even notice. Many just pour it into a pitcher to keep in the refrigerator.

The "Cran du Lait" comes in a 750 ml (25.36 fl oz) bottle, retailing at the winery for $22.

If you are interested in trying this unique Cranberry wine, you may contact me by e-mail,, and I can tell you what shipping would be to your address.

Since this is practically a one man operation, and communications to this provincial northwest corner of Oregon are sort of erratic, I am not yet setup to take credit cards, therefore, checks are the only option at this time.

UPS is the shipping option (it's against federal law to ship alcohol by post office!).


 Medical Use?

Two older retired men buy this from me by the case and have a small glass possibly every afternoon. One is a retired science teacher, and is the one who turned me on to this information. He is concerned about his health and has a physical frequently – and a PSA test. His PSA number had been increasing every year by 0.4. He has been drinking this for two to three years, and it reduced to 0.05. His friend then used it for a year and reduced his number from 6 to 3. If I could get that information out there, I might be swamped and make a decent living the rest of my life, but there is no way I could advertise that. So, at least I registered the name, so that no one can use that name for some disgusting product.

It probably is not a fluke. Cranberry juice has been noted in use for the urinary tract for many years, and Ohio State University has been studying whey in relation to the prostate. Maybe it works?


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